CREW Social Media Campaign 2017

Starting November 1st until the 26th you can participate in the conversation about Child Rights. Young People are engaging in a national social media campaign using #RightToBeHeard and #MyRightsCRC, they're posting pictures, videos, and quotes answering these questions:

  • What's your ideal Canada look like?

  • Do you feel your rights are being respected?

  • What would make the world better?


If you post on social media using one of the hashtags, remember that it is public online and to always use safe online practices.You can always send us an email, with a quote, from you, about what issues you think young people are facing in Canada.

We also want to say thank you to the New Brunswick Youth Voice Committee and the BC Children’s and Youth Representatives' Social Media Youth Team for consulting on the development of this campaign.


All of this is leading up to Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children submitting an alternative report to the United Nations discussing how Canada is doing in regards to child rights. By engaging in this campaign, you are showing that child and youth rights in Canada are important! Learn more about what the alternative report is, click here.



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