Child Rights Education Week Events 2014

November 11 - 15, 2014   UNICEF Canada: Bring your MP to School Day New Brunswick Schools
November 17 – 21, 2014

Youth center L’ACADO : Extracurricular activities
   (French only)  Two day training for grade eights on
   healthy relationships 

Sainte Anne Community Center Fredericton
November 17 – 23, 2014 Celebrating the Rights for Kids to Read Certain Library's in
New Brunswick
November 17 – 23, 2014

National Child Rights Education week: Get involved!

   Inform yourself to answer questions  for more  information on
  children's rights and access to educational resources

Across Canada

Monday, November 17th

Youth and children get involved

   Child and Youth Advocate, Norman Bossé gets
   interviewed by the children and youth during a talk

   Launch of the bullying prevention week

Polyvalente Thomas Albert, Grand Falls

Monday November 17th

Partners For Youth Inc. and the New Brunswick Youth
  in Care Network

    Publishing an article on CREW2014, the UN CRC, and how this convention informs their work in elevating the voices of youth in care
Monday November 17th

Bullying Prevention Week

  Building healthy relationships
Monday November 17th

Civil Society gets involved with the rights of the child

   Champions for Children celebrate Childs Rights education week

STU Forest Hill Conference Centre, Fredericton

Tuesday, November 18th

The convention of the rights of the child:  25 years
   later Children and youth equal, protected and

   Launch of the State of the Child Report for 2014 and the
   Children’s Rights and Wellbeing Framework

   Inauguration of the first round table panel discussion of
   the harm prevention strategy

Crowne Plaza Fredericton

7:30am to 9:30am

Tuesday, November 18th

Bullying prevention week

   Cyber bullying prevention and intervention

New Brun swick schools

Wednesday, November 19th

The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate forming
   future advocate leaders within the province

   Talk at the faculty of law

University of Moncton

11:15 to 12:15

Wednesday, November 19th

Bullying prevention week -  Celebrating diversity

New Brunswick schools

Thursday, November 20th

Celebrating the25th anniversary of the Convention on
   the Rights of the  Child: The Child and Youth Advocate
   team meet with the children of   the school

   Round table discussion and show at « l’École du soleil
   levant »

Elementary School : École du soleil levant,


Thursday, November 20th   Children and educational staff get involved at « l’École la
   Villa des Amis » :   special event

Thursday, November 20th

Red Cross – National Child Day : RSS Twitter in real
Thursday, November 20th Dinner at the restaurant for young people in residence
   Le gouvernail inc.

Le gouvernail inc


Thursday, November 20th

Youth in transition Roar for the roofs - 25th
   a nniversary gala

Fredericton Crowne Plaza

Thursday, November 20th

Bullying Prevention Week - Rights of the Child

New Brunswick schools

Thursday, November 20th Child and Youth Advocate Team : Conference on the
   Rights of the Child
Le Phare familial inc
46, Utpon  St.
Moncton NB

Thursday, November 20th

Bilingual WEBCAST
   a discussion on the experiences of youth in Canada by
   the Honourable Landon Pearson, Officer of the Order of
   Canada and Professor Judy Finlay

   Register at this address

1:00pm to 3:00pm EST

Thursday, November 20th

Family story and crafts in your pyjamas  (6 :30pm)
   Registration required

Mgr WJ Conway / Edith Routhier

Public Library 33 Irène St. Edmundston
Thursday, November 20th EPYC (Education. Professionalism. & Young Children)
   celebrates the adoption of the Convention on the Rights
   of the Child

Château Moncton

7:00pm to 9:00pm
Thursday, November 20th

Create a Video

The Raymond Lagacé Public Library in Atholville has launched a contest for all youth in Restigouche.

Do you like making videos?
Would you be able to make a 1-minute video about youth rights?
If you answered yes to these two questions, then this contest is for you!

Goal: Create a 1-minute video on youth rights. You are encouraged to add music and narration. 

We will present the videos on International Child Day on November 20th at the Raymond-Lagace Public Library in Atholville.

Prize: We will chose a winner and offer them an iTunes gift certificate worth 50$ Inspire yourself with the following website:

Register with us at: 
Or call us anytime at 789-2914 

Friday, November 21st

Bullying prevention week - Promoting positive mental

New Brunswick schools

Coming soon

Round table discussion, education for child and youth on their rights

I am Me” Program,

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