Child Rights Education Week 2016

The Child and Youth Advocate’s office has been organizing an annual Child Rights Education Week (CREW) which engages government, community organizations, children and families in the celebration of children’s rights

This year, the committee for the Children’ Rights Education Week (CREW) has chosen the right to be heard. he right to be heard can mean a lot of things, for example, the right to be heard when decisions are taken that have an impact on you. This right is one of the four guiding principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention recognizes and protects, in 54 articles, the civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights of the child.

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Register Your Event

This year you can help make Child Rights Education Week a success!

As part of our week-long celebration, we encourage you to create and plan your own unique events and activities that promote and highlight the way that we can work together with, and on behalf of, children. Most importantly, let us know how you will promote, advocate and defend the rights and interests of New Brunswick children and youth. As we develop a Child Rights Education Week website, we will gladly promote and support your activity or event.

For example, you can:

  • Host an event (presentation, open-house, exhibit, activity day, concert, day theme for school etc.)
  • Plan an excursion (swimming pool, skating rink, art gallery, library etc.)
  • Write a letter (opinion, editorial, peer-to-peer, etc.)
  • Develop a campaign or a contest (fundraiser, online awareness, parade/march, flashmob etc.)

How you will promote, advocate and defend the rights and interests of New Brunswick children? Do you already have activities planned for the week, are they linked to children rights? Let us know.

Register your Child Rights Education Week event and we will gladly promote it on our website.

New resources for children, parents, teachers and educators

Again,this year, we have developed a national Website to provide you with educational resources on children's rights.  The right to be heard is a right that you find in many laws across Canada and for this year’s Children’s education week, the committee would love to hear children and youth and professionnals from across Canada! Get involved in the video project!

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